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Hey Ofuriends (I’m not sorry), I promised an info summary and I’m only a little bit later with it than I said I would be. Here’s the rundown:

The outline
Ofurwinteren is held at Groepsaccommodatie Het Uitzicht (Google knows this name in Maps), Wylerbaan 1A, 6561 KN Groesbeek. You are welcome from Friday Feb 11 at 18:00 (6:00 PM) until Monday Feb 14 10:00. We usually keep the front door open until about 22:00, if you arrive later than that (or really in the morning if you’re a sociopath), send me a message ahead of time so we can, I dunno, exchange phone numbers or something to let you in. Between those times you can come and go as you please. The Monday morning leave is early, if you don’t wanna be woken up at like 7 in the morning then we recommend heading home Sunday night if possible.

There will be an item on the registration form to tell us your preferences for roommates. There’s 2- to 6-person rooms in the building, so if you’ve got a bunch of friends, don’t hesitate to put all of them on there. Initially, everyone will end up with at least one roommate, so if you don’t have any friends, start making them! We might be able to accommodate more separation if it’s really needed, but it’s not the assumption.

Getting to the location is super easy by public transport as there’s a bus stop RIGHT in front of the location (De Oude Molen, Groesbeek). You can come by car, but please keep in mind that parking is limited and you might not be able to leave your car in front of the location all weekend. There is parking available nearby, but we can’t promise it’ll be free or convenient.

The practical
There’s no list of volunteers for this. Since we’re all doing this together as a bunch of friends, the crew will of course spearhead operations, but we kind of expect everyone to pitch in some amount or another. Clean up after yourselves, bring dishes back to the central area, that kinda stuff. When we need extra hands, we’ll call out and hope a couple of you will get up each time. It’ll mostly be to help prepare food or help clean back up afterwards, probably. If everyone helps just one time during the weekend, we’ll have all the hands we need.

As you’re used to from us, everything is included in your price of entry, your bed and breakfast and lunch and dinner and any snacks and drinks in between, minus the alcoholic ones. Inflation hasn’t hit us, though, so beer and wine is still only one euro each. We trust everyone to keep track of their own drinking on a bar tab that we’ll put down that you can mark yourself. Paying after the weekend is over through bank transfer or tikkie or something is fine, you don’t have to bring cash (please don’t, actually, I don’t wanna go deposit it). The registration form will have a field in which you can specify allergies, dietary preferences or any food or drink or snack wishes you might have. If it’s within reason, we’re more than happy to provide your favorite chips or candy or whatever.


Stuur een e-mail naar winter [APESTAART] dutchfurcon [PUNT] com met:

-je voor- en achternaam




-of je een fursuit meeneemt

-of je allergieën of andere dieetwensen hebt

-of er nog andere zaken zijn waar wij rekening mee moeten houden (denk aan medicatie waar we van op de hoogte moeten zijn of andere omstandigheden). De deadline voor betaling is 14 januari 2020. Laat ons a.u.b. weten wanneer je verwacht te kunnen betalen, dan kunnen wij daar rekening mee houden.

Stort vervolgens €150,- als volgt:

IBAN: NL49 INGB 0792 4005 77

Naam: Hr GJ Groot

Opmerking: Ofurwinteren + je naam (echte of furnaam maakt niet uit)

The rules
I really don’t want to spend too much time on here because we hand-pick everyone in here on how cool and chill they already are, but everyone has different principles, so here’s ours:
-Don’t be a dick. Just, y’know. If you feel like being mean to someone for any reason, don’t. It’s really unnecessary.
-Always ask before touching another person or their stuff, in any way, shape, or form. Every time. Yes for a hug now doesn’t mean yes for a hug tomorrow morning. Yes you can use my Magic cards now doesn’t mean yes you can grab ’em again tomorrow. Consent cannot be overstated, you cannot ask for too much of it, and we will kick you (like, physically, not from the event, though we might) if you ask too little of it.
-No smoking or vaping or anything similar to it inside the building. Kindly not right in front of the door, either, because then if I walk out I’ll still die from the asthma attack.
-Keep the volume down, if you wanna do music stuff, make sure to check for a less busy area. If one person has to shout to make themselves understandable, then everyone has to, and shit spirals out of control fast. You don’t have to whisper, just be mindful of others. This goes doubly after 21:00 (9PM) because then there’s an ordinance for neighborly conduct that says we really have to shut up.
-Feel free to grab your own food and drinks, we’ll point out what’s available when you arrive, but try not to go into the kitchen area while it’s in use. Meggie hauls around big heavy pans of hot food and would like to not have to think about avoiding anyone’s faces in that process.